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Food and Clothing

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Food Pantries

Programs that provide a limited amount of food usually non-perishable for individuals or families during times of personal crisis, or for people who have no food or cannot afford to purchase food at retail costs.

Fresh Produce Sites

Food distribution programs that provide fruits, vegetables, baked goods, deli items, dairy products and other perishables.

Meals and Soup Kitchens

Programs that provide hot meals on a regular basis for people who are elderly, adults with disabilities or other targeted populations. Included are those that prepare and deliver regular meals to older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to shop and/or prepare the food for themselves and summer school meal programs.

Food Stamps and WIC

County or state offices that accept Food Stamp applications, determine eligibility for the Food Stamp program and allotments, and issue Food Stamp EBT cards. Included are federally-funded programs that provide nutrition education and food vouchers for pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children younger than 5 who cannot afford an adequate nutritious diet.

Baby Formula

Programs that supply infant formula and/or baby food, usually in addition to other groceries.


Programs that pay for or provide new or secondhand clothing. Included are organizations who provide, work clothing, baby clothing, maternity clothing, diapers and linens.