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Parenting Education

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Programs that provide information and instruction concerning appropriate techniques for nursing an infant for expectant parents or new mothers.

New Parents

Programs that provide educational and supportive services for new parents or parents who are expecting a child to prepare them for the prospect of parenthood.

Parent Child Activity Groups

Programs that provide regularly scheduled opportunities for parents to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities with their youngsters as a means of developing close family relationships at a stage in the child's life when quality time with their mother or father is essential for healthy development.

Parenting Classes

Programs that teach skills that enable parents to deal constructively and consistently with a broad spectrum of child rearing problems. Some parenting skills development programs utilize a step-by-step approach practiced in a classroom setting or participatory family workshops which provide opportunities for parents and children to learn together.

Parenting Programs for Court Orders

Programs approved by the court that provide classes which utilize a specialized curriculum that assists families with family preservation and unification. The programs target families in which children are deemed at risk for abuse and neglect and enable parents to fulfill the requirements of court-ordered family preservation contracts.