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Developmental Concerns

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Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities/Delays

Programs that identify infants, toddlers and in some cases, preschoolers who show evidence of or are at risk for gaps in physical, cognitive, language and speech or psychosocial development including self-help skills. Programs provide or coordinate the delivery of an enrichment program in order to minimize the potential for a developmental delay and to meet their current developmental needs. Included are day programs for children with developmental disabilities.

Special Education

Private educational institutions at preschool, elementary or secondary levels that are established for the purpose of providing educational services for exceptional learners. Included are special residential schools as well as private special day schools.

Wraparound Facilitation/Community Support

Programs that employ the Wraparound Facilitation model, a family centered, community-oriented, strengths based and highly individualized approach to meet the needs of children with complicated, multi-dimensional problems.