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Delays and Disabilities

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Assistive Technology/Education

Programs that pay for or provide equipment, appliances and assistive aids that enable people, including those who have physical or sensory limitations, to increase their mobility and/or ability to communicate and live more comfortably. Included are programs that loan, rent or train individuals who need the equipment, appliances and assistive aids.

Disability Related Sports

Programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages with functional or cognitive disabilities to learn, become competitive in and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities and sports, many of which are played in wheelchairs or have otherwise been modified to accommodate the athletes' disabilities.

Disability Rights Groups and Advocacy

Organizations that support the passage and enforcement of laws or other social measures including ADA implementation that protect the rights of people who have physical, mental, developmental or learning disabilities and maximize their ability to enjoy the same opportunities, resources and privileges as the mainstream population. Included are programs that help individuals who are having difficulty understanding and/or obtaining grants, payments, services or other benefits for which they are eligible.

Parent Support Groups

Mutual support groups for parents who share a common characteristic or circumstance such as parents of children with disabilities, who come together for educational and social purposes as well as for mutual support.

Respite Care

Programs that provide a brief period of relief or rest for family members, guardians or other people who are regular caregivers for dependent adults or children by offering temporary or intermittent care in the home or in community settings/facilities.

Special Education

Private educational institutions at preschool, elementary or secondary levels that are established for the purpose of providing educational services for exceptional learners. Included are special residential schools as well as private special day schools.