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Child and Family Counseling

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Anger Management

Programs that provide educational and/or therapeutic opportunities for people who are interested in or who need to learn how to deal with their anger in a positive, functional way. Included are court-ordered and voluntary programs for people who are involved in domestic violence or child abuse.


Programs that provide diagnostic and treatment services for individuals whose psychiatric problems or other emotional difficulties are not severe enough to require 24-hour care but who can benefit from regular consultation and therapy with a mental health professional. Treatment services may include emotional support, problem-solving assistance, information and guidance.

Crisis Intervention Hotlines/Helplines

Programs that provide immediate access to support and advice for people who are in distress with the objective of defusing the emotional impact of the crisis, ensuring the person's safety and helping the person to take the next steps toward resolving the problem.

Mental Health Facilities

Community-based outpatient facilities that offer individual, group, conjoint and family counseling, therapy groups, medication and other mental health services for community residents, especially those who are indigent, who have acute or chronic psychiatric disorders or who may be experiencing difficulty resolving personal or interpersonal conflicts. Included are psychiatric emergency rooms and psychiatric inpatient units.

Mental Health Support Groups

Mutual support groups whose members are people who have specific social, emotional or other mental health problems; families and friends may also be welcomed. Included are programs that offer therapist-facilitated collective treatment sessions in which unrelated groups of individuals, couples or families discuss their attitudes, feelings and problems in an attempt to achieve greater self and interpersonal understanding and explore solutions to their problems.

Mental Health Support Services

Programs that offer early intervention, transitional care or other services that supplement and facilitate primary and adjunctive therapies. Included are mental health clubhouses, mobile response team, therapy referrals and consultations to providers.

Postpartum Depression

Programs that provide emotional support, information and guidance in a variety of settings for women who have symptoms of depression following delivery of a child.