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Child Abuse Prevention

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Child Abuse Prevention/Hotlines

Programs that attempt to protect children from physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse or exploitation through a variety of educational interventions for children of various ages, parents, people who work with children and/or the community at large. Also included are hotlines for abused children and concerned others who are in need of advice, guidance and/or emotional support.

Child Abuse Reporting/Emergency Response

Programs that accept and respond to reports of child abuse or neglect. Services include assessment of the initial referral, assignment of an appropriate response time, consultation with the family to determine the nature of the problem and do initial case planning and emergency placement services if the child is removed from the family by the police.

Family Maintenance/Reunification

Programs that work with families who have an open child abuse case following emergency response or with families who have been identified as being at risk for child abuse or neglect with the objective of establishing a case plan for ongoing services which will allow the child to remain in the home or return to the home if previously removed.

Human Trafficking/Kidnapping Prevention

Programs that work to prevent or reduce the incidence of human trafficking or child abduction i.e., situations in which individuals are abducted, sold, recruited under fraud or pretense or otherwise brought under the control of another person and forced into prostitution or other controlled situations against their will, either domestically within their own country or internationally.

Bullying Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of bullying, a form of violence among children, on school playgrounds, in neighborhoods, in homes and on the Internet, through a variety of interventions.